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Daydream Apothecary

Daydream Apothecary Wanderlust Metallics- Same Day Shipping - Daydream Apothecary Paint - DIY Furniture Upcycle

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What makes these metallics different?

They’re blendable and water-friendly, just like their regular paints. No sticky, glaze consistency like so many other metallics in the industry. They dry to a matte finish and need to be sealed, just like the rest of the Daydream Apothecary paints. They can also be mixed with their paints to create new shades. These are extremely pigmented metallics!

Play with different effects by applying over various base colors. Want it to look like a solid metallic like it is in the jar? Apply over a similarly colored base coat. Want to play with new undertones to give a layered effect? Change it up by applying Wanderlust over a base coat in a completely different color.

Penny Lane - A copper that shines brighter than the shiniest penny.

Starboy - A steely silver reminiscent of stars in galaxies far, far away.

Steampunk - A bedazzled gunmetal with a hint of lavender.

Super Nova - A luminous gold with the brilliance of an explosive star.

Soap and water clean up.

Sold in 8oz containers only.